Monday, 1 August 2016

Matt makes Ben's Big Day with Chauffeur Surprise!

On Wednesday 20th July, Matt pulled off one of the biggest surprises for our Academy Goalkeeper Ben, as he turned up at his doorstep to chauffeur him to his Year 6 Prom!

ALL ABOARD: Ben & MLT arrive in style at the Prom
Ben's Mum & Dad had been in on the Big Surprise after initially running the idea passed Steve Phillips who asked Matt whether he would shock Ben, who has been attending our Toynbee Academy since it's birth in 2012.

Matt was keen to make it happen, so arrived equipped with Chauffeur hat at the Shaw household just in time before the Prom with Ben still completely unaware.

PAPARAZZI: Ben & MLT pose for pictures!
After going for a quick spin, suited and booted, “looking a million dollars,” Ben arrived with Chauffeur MLT at the Prom to steal the spotlight!

"Ben was so surprised and a little overwhelmed I think and he absolutely loved it." ... Click here for video!


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