Thursday, 19 January 2017

Will's Story: We welcome on board our first ever Player from the Isle of Wight

We welcome our first ever player from the Isle of Wight into the #MLTNCFamily as Will joins the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Academy after impressing our Coaches.

"Footy-Mad"12 year-old Will attends Christ the King Secondary School on the Isle of Wight and is now a family member of our Academy U13's, becoming the first "islander" to do so, making the journey across every Wednesday and Friday with Dad, Ian!
MAKING HEADLINES: Will features in Island County Press
Will is passionate about football, not just playing it but studies stats all the time, and also has an interest in Athletics, competing for his School and island Athletics Teams in Hampshire at 100 and 200 metres as well as various field events, especially the high jump which he set the record for at primary school!

Will's young sporting journey hasn't been so straight forward and is one of personal triumph having been diagnosed with Children's epilepsy only three years ago, having just moved to the island at the end of 2012.

At that time Will was told by a consultant to avoid all contact sports including football, swimming, cycling & skateboarding. A huge blow for a sports mad nine year old Will, and his family.

Will was determined this was not going to stop his dreams and against all expectations he has resumed all his sport over time and in the last 18 months started to excel at both athletics and football.

This time last year he was still on 8 doses of medicine a day but being fit free for over two years now, he has gradually reduced that, and on Christmas day 2016 he was able to stop taking anything. You can see what a triumph that was for him. He was given a positive report by the consultant in the summer but only due to massive growth spurts has he kept taking a nominal amount of medicine as a precaution but he entered the New year, a very happy and healthy child.
"ALL ABOARD SHIP": Will pictured with our Head Cochaes Joe Partington, Franny Benali & "Pele" at the Academy
The consultant described his changes as "remarkable". He is determined to succeed and perhaps more than most, wanting to prove people wrong who dismissed him three years ago.

"Our son William has joined in the under 13s this year and been taken into the Academy. From the first moment we arrived at MLTNC we were made to feel extremely welcome and important despite all the other children that play here."

"The coaches went out of their way to talk to us after our first training session and that has not changed as the weeks have passed. Steve and all the coaches are always available to talk to, happy to give feedback, and above all else so positive in how they coach the children."

"While there is the necessary level of constructive criticism and good behaviour expected, the atmosphere here is better than any other academy we have so far attended." "What impressed us most was the focus on Will's health as we travel over from the Isle of Wight, and the potential impact on his schooling due to the longer days and travel. This is symptomatic of the attitude throughout the club and adheres to Matt's philosophy in every way."

"Add to that Claire's kindness to us as the "overseas player"  - (and her tea and sandwich selection on offer)   - what more could you want!"

"Thank you for making us so welcome and thank you for such a great opportunity" Ian Hall - Father.

If any local businesses or private individuals would like to sponsor Will, then please contact:

From all us here at "MLT" keep up the great work, Will!

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